Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Moon

There was a new moon on Friday (September 18, 2009).  Every new moon I reaffirm to the Universe the things that I would like to have show up in my life.  I write out my list of ten things by way of saying the things that I desire and wait to see the results.

Jan Spiller, has a book called New Moon Astrology which I have been using for the past six months or so.  In it she tells you how to write out the things that you want to see happen in your life.  I guess this is similar to Law of Attraction in a way.  The new moon is a time when the light or energy from it begins to grow right up to the full moon.

The way that it works is that new moon, is a time when you start new opportunities and then at the full moon, the energy is at its strongest.  Mother moon is an awesome energy.  After the full moon, the energy is waning or decreasing and that would be a time to get rid of anything that is no longer of use to you.

The moon and its phases is very interesting and exciting.  I'm going through an interesting period in my life right now.  All that I have been asking for seems to be taking an enormous amount of time.  If I think about it though everything has to fall into place for me to see it in the way that I want it.  There are countless of us doing and asking for some of the same.  Patience is what I'm working on.  It takes time for me to get what I desire.


  1. Yay, I'm also trying to work on my Patience ^_^. Especially in dealing with my son. Sometimes, when I tutor him with his lessons, I'm not that of a patient person when it comes to him only. And I believe that it is a lesson that I needed to learn in this lifetime. It's a work in progress hehe.

  2. If I haven't said it, let me say it here, thanks for being my follower and posting.

    Tell me about it. My daughter is 10 year old but she tries my patience often. She has a mom (me) that has to have the last word(smile). Guess she learned from me very well.