Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 5 Annoying Habits of Tweeners

Do you remember when you were say, twelve years old and what it was like?  That's not a time that I remember well.  I remember myself at  the age of fourteen though.

My daughter, who's twelve years old now has gone from sweet and helpful to someone that I don't recognize.  I'm not talking about whether she's a good kid or not because she is.  I mean that being  twelve has brought its change of attitude and behaviour.

 What do I see now that drives me bonkers?  
  •  The chatting on the phone that doesn't want to end even while surfing and the excessive texting at all times; How do they manage to do 500 or more texts in one day?  What do they have to talk about after texting and going to school with each other all day? 
  • The twirling of the hair with her fingers at all times; What is it about the playing with the hair stuff ?  She is constantly grooming her hair or changing the style.
  •  The amount of bathroom time; What the heck is she doing in there?  She doesn't have to shave her underarm or her legs...oh yeah, she's still talking on the phone.
  • The annoyingly loud ring tones for notifications that go on and on as if she's deaf; She hears her phone but why does it need to be so loud?  It's an announcement not a notification.   Wrong she's listening to the song...geez!
  •  The brushing off of her duties or doing a crappy job in her haste to go and hang out.  Friends come first.  Of course, what else!
I must have done some of these things except the cell phone issues.  I'm sure my mom must have just rolled her eyes and sighed as I often do in my case.  No amount of talking works right now.  Everything just goes in one ear and out the other as quickly.  I see your lips moving but what did you say?


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