Sunday, October 25, 2009


This week my daughter who's a tween, that's not yet a teenager, came down with the stomach flu.  Let me give out my disclaimer right now.  I'm not a doctor and anything I say here you should check with yours first.  That's done.

My sweetie, started coughing and since she has asthma, I knew this was a cold.  It just sounds different.  I started right away with all the remedies that I could think of.  I gave her oregano oil for her sore throat and the cough along with garlic tea and ginger too.  In the night, I rubbed vick's on her chest because it has  menthe in it.  Then she started throwing up and couldn't keep any food down and being a child, she had a fever too which is the body's way of fighting an infection. 

I bathed her in cool water to get her temperature down and also used cold compresses on her face and neck.  It took a couple of days for her temperature to finally get back to normal.  She seemed to be doing better and then the cough came on strong again.  She coughed throughout the night.  I gave her the oregano oil three times a day with ginger tea and honey with lime and orange juice to soother her throat.

Finally, six days later her cough has subsided significantly.  I'll continue with the oregano oil until her cough is completely gone.  She still doesn't want to eat but I'm encouraging her to take it slowly to get her strength back. 

Reading this you can see that I prefer to take care of my daughter using as many natural products as I can.  That's just my personal preference.  I would rather know for sure that what she's taking will make her better and is good for her body too.

Thanks for sharing this experience with me.  I am thankful that she's recovering well and will get back to school soon.

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