Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feeling Good

I want to feel good all of the time.  It's that simple.  I just did an article about this topic.  See, I keep falling into a slump especially when I believe that the Universe is moving slowly on the things that I want to show up in my life. 

I've been bitchy and grumpy and that's fine for a short while.  It makes no sense to keep the negative energy going.  It is my desire to feel good.  Where do I start?  In my head, I will focus on things that I like.  For starters, I love my kids and they make me feel good.  This is the best start that I can have.  It's like a snowball when you start thinking good thoughts it gets bigger and bigger. 

When I keep my mind healthy with good thoughts the others will slowly fall to the wayside.  I will meditate every day for at least fifteen minutes because it brings me closer to Source Energy and feeling good.  The more I feel good is the more good things will show up for me.  That's all I can ask for.

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